I've done many different activities in Science Class, but my favorite one so far was... the microscope activity! First we took a test on the different parts and their purposes on the microscope.Then we listened and watched Mrs. Poole demanstrate how to properly use the microscope. Then we did it for ourselves. My partner and I chose which slide we wanted to examine, out of the many collorful ones there were, and we began the process of magnifying it. First we put the slide under the stageclips. Then we put our eye to the eyepiece, then we started moving the coarse adjustment knob to see where it focuses in the best. After that we moved the fine adjustment knob , to fine tune the image  of the slide. It was all blue, purple, and pink, and it was showing very little cells. We did this with a few different slides, making sure we absolutely knew what we were doing.

What I learned from this activity was how to use and know what parts and their purposes on a microscope. I never was taught about the different parts of a microscope , until Ms. Poole had taught us. I didn't even know how to use a microscope, let alone know what the big thing on top of it was called. I'm very excited that I can know use and identify the parts of microscope, because know I can use in class, and everywhere else where I need to use a microscope. Please check out my other Science Solutions blogs, and give me some feedback on what you think about the blog and your opinion on the subject. Thank you! 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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