I have different traits from different members of my family. I look more like my father, because I have dark skin like him. My brother and sister look more like my mother since they have a lighter tone of skin, and some freckles. All of us kids have brown eyes like my father, not green like my mother's eyes. My hair is aslo darker than my sibling's hair, more like my father's hair. My nose is a bit larger like my father's. And my nails are like my mother's nails too. My bother's eyebrows are very bright brown, my sister's are a little darker, and mine are the darkest. In general, I look alot more like my father than my mother, but my sister and brother are more like my mother.My brother also looks alot more than my grandfather on my mother's side, with a square chin and strength. I look more like my grandfather on my father's side because both of us have a more compact body. In conclusion, I look a lot more like my father's side of the family,but my brother looks more like my mother's side of the family, but my sister looks like a combination of both. 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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