In England, when the Industrial Revolution started, pollution covered the area around the factories. So the surrounding forests became dark with soot. Before the forests became dark with pollution, the trees had a light color brown of bark, and there was a whitish moss with black spots growing on the trees. Peppered moths look exactly like this moss, white, with small black spots. The moths were camouflaging with the moss to protect themselves from predators. Once the Industrial Revolution started, the moths started to die easily because they were easy to spot  in the dark polluted forests. The moths started to fly away to other areas that were not polluted. But something extraordinary happened. Something that just further proves Darwin's theory of evolution.

Some moths evolved. Instead of migrating away like the majority of moths, some evolved to better suit their environment. They changed body color, so that they were a black color. This helped them camouflage with the soot infested trees. Scientists were able to go into a non-polluted area and find whit peppered moths, but as soon as they entered a polluted area, they could find black peppered moths. I myself believe that this is quite extraordinary, and know that this definitely proves Darwin's theory o

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