This past two weeks, in science class, we've been creating and editing something called a Glogster. A Glogster is pretty much an online poster that you can create. We are doing one on the six characteristics of life. You can put graphics and videow in, to make it even cooler. You can also put text and links in it. Im not completely finished with mine yet, because I'm having a hard time putting the links in. It is a really cool way to do a presentation of some sort, and I will recommend it to my friends, family, and all of you. My Glogster on the si characteristics of life is in my Science Class page, but since I'm not finished yet, I will not comment or describe the project in detail. Make sure to check it out and give me some feedback to this blog, about what you think about it, or what your experiences are with Glogsters.

Another thing we have been doing is learning about microscopes. They are really cool pieces of equipment to work with. I've always wanted to work with one, because I know certain parts of science is intresting and fun. It's just memorising this, and reciting that, that makes science boring and dull. But, if you have a microscope with you, everything is now fun in class. The first time we used them, we were observing different slides withe tiny pieces of different body parts in slides. They were from a student's father, who worked at a hospital that cuts a tiny piece of a piece of your body to see if it is infected with something at all. The next time we used a microscope, we had to create our own slides by putting a tiny piece of newspaper on a drop of water on a slide, and then put a cover slip over the whole thing. Using the microscope has made class fun in Science Class, so I can't wait to continue using them. Make sure to check out my microscope blog and give me some feedback on what you think or know about the various topics.

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