If you have watched Microsoft Video Tutorials, and have played Ribbon Hero 2, Clippy’s Second Chance you probably already kno which one gives you better results in knwing Microsoft. If you took two people who know nothing about Microsoft Office and told one to watch the tutorial videos and the other to play Ribbon Hero 2, we all know the person who watched the videos is going to know more, remember things longer, and be bored out of his mind. the other would just be frustrated since he/she has no experience wit Microsoft, therfore they can’t find out how to do anything Clippy is asking of them. In my own opinion the tutorials are a lot more instructional and informative than Ribbon Hero 2. Yes, Ribbon Hero 2 is funner, but even I after watching the tutorials and taking Cornell notes on them, sometimes have a hard time knowing what to do with Ribbon Hero 2.

If you are someone who is curious and has time on their hands to look for on option somewhere in the ribbon for 10 minutes each, than I totally recommend Ribbon Hero 2 for you. If you’re someone who just wants the job done and just wants to know exactly what to do to do a certain command, than the tutorials are definitley for you. 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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