Do you know Martin Luther? No, not Martin Luther King Jr., there's a difference. You know, the man who nailed his 95 theses to church doors? Yes, that's the guy. Today I will be stating my 5 theses about school.

1. Class should start at 8:15 a.m. and end at 3:15 each day. This gives student more time in the morning to get homework and projects done. This also makes school longer, for slightly longer periods. This also makes our schedule an even time instead of an uneven time, for example: 2:48?2:57.
2. Jeanious day (A Friday once a month that allows students to wear jean if they have a 70% or better in all of there classes ) should be for students with an 85% grade or higher in every one of their classes. This is a great privilege for students working hard and not just barely surviving on a C in every class. This makes students strive for a better grade so that they have the privilege of wearing jeans.
3. Signatures in a student's agenda should be more inforced and graded if signature is absent or present. If a teacher in a certain class checks the agenda of a student, the student would have to get a signature from their parent if they do not want to fail. This  makes students show their parents their agenda, making parents with irresponsible children question them for their homework load, thus creating a more hard working, good grades student.
4. Homework Lab and Lunchtime Detention should be more inforcing, meaning longer and more consequences if absent. From what I've heard from friends, and what I've seen before, I don't think that Homework Lab and Lunchtime Detention are very inforcing, thus creating a student who does not care if they are in either form of detention. If the student is more fearful of the detention, the student will become harder working.
5. There should be more consequence to non-dress students during P.E. I've seen students who would not wear their P.E. clothes for over a month, and give excuses of their clothes' absence. If a student drops down a grade because of non-participation in P.E., a phone call should be sent home so that parents know that their son/daughter has a low grade in P.E. for small reasons that could be easily fixed.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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