I woke early in the morning, only to feel cold and sad. I just lay there, pondering on the idea that I am now Bear's servant. I didn't know what I ought to do. It seemed the right thing to grab his sack and run as fast as possible. Surely he couldn't catch up with that kind of a head start, he wouldn't wake until midday. No, I told myself. That would be two sins, one for sealing and one for breaking my vows. Not too long later, Bear woke, just shifting positions at first, but then finally yawning and starting to get up. We started our journey not too long later, when my back and feet started aching. Oh, how terrible this is! What would happen if we were to meet John Aycliffe, the steward, on our journeys to the large cities! What if we ran out of food? Would he keep all scavenged food for himself, and I would starve to death  before we reach another village or city? All these thoughts just continued to go through m y mind, over, and over again. Oh, I hope all goes well!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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