So, why is the sky blue? Well, from what I have learned in Science class so far, the sky is blue from the reflection of the ocean. I'm sure your parents have told you this before, but it is a little more complicated than you think it is. Light from the sun is not just one color ( Even though it may seem that way), but instead all of the colors of a rainbow. So when all of these colors hit an object, the object either absorbs or reflects certain colors. When it absorbs the color, the color disappears and is not shown to the human eye. If the color is reflected, the human eye now sees the object as that color. Pigment controls reflecting and absorbing.

So from what I know, the sky is blue because the water absorbs all of the colors, and reflects blue. Since oceans are so vast, they reflect to the whole sky. I'm not sure, but I believe the atmosphere has something to do with all of this too. This is why I think the sky is blue.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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