In science class, we are learning about wieght, mass and matter. Did you know that there is a difference between weight and mass. For one thing, weight is measured in Newtons, and mass is measured in grams. Another difference is that weight is totally relied on gravity. If you go to another planet or the moon, the gravity is different, so your weight changes on how much gravity is there. The mass of an object is how much matter something has. Matter is how much space something takes up. If you were to be on another planet or moon, your mass wouldn't change, because you don't get smaller or bigger wherever you go.

The project we did in class today was to see whether gum would lose or gain mass after being chewed. We had a triple-beam balance for every table,and a section for every person on the scale. Ms. Poole, my science teacher, asked us to write down our hypotheses. Then she asked to raise our hands if we thought the mass would increase after chewing the gum. I didn't raise my hand until she asked us to raise our hands if we think the mass will decrease. Most of the kids raised their hands thinking it would increase. Then we started to chew the gum. Every two minutes, she would notify us, and we would spit out our gum, put it in our wrappers, and put it on our section of the balance. We then found the mass of the gum all together. We did this until we measured the mass of the gum five times, so by the time we were done with the experiment, the gum was chewed for ten minutes. In the end, we found out that chewing gum decreases the mass of the gum. I was right!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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