Recently we dissected a sheep's eye, a frog, and a squid. The question now is do I appreciate what surgeons have to go through when performing surgery and what would surgery be like without simple dissections. I definitely have to say that I have grown an appreciation for surgeons when performing surgery. From experience with the dissections, I've realized that doctors have to cut precisely, or else they could do some damage, not be inappropriate for the time (Who wants a doctor who will be laughing and saying,"Ewww, look at that gut and all of the nasty blood!" ), and the surgeon has to carefully stitch the person they are performing surgery on (I have no experience with that because we didn't stitch the frog back up, instead, we just through him away). Because of all these reasons, I've grown an appreciation with surgeons.

Now, for the second part of the question, would modern surgery be the same without animal dissections? I say, yes, it probably would be different. If surgeons didn't ever perform a dissection before, how are they going to know what part of the body looks like what? Or what that body part does? Or where it is located? I think modern surgery would be very incorrect withou

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    Author: Vahae O.

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