I'm in Mrs. Poole's class, and she doesn't like rats. But Mr. Kirste, the other science teacher for 7th grade, has many snakes and rats in his classroom. So even though I don't go to his class, I still know some pretty coll stuff that they do. One of there latest projcts was to measure a baby rat's tail length, head circumfrence, and bdy circumfrence from birth. I asked my friends about it, and from the information I gathered, this is my conclusion of what happened: Of course, the baby rats grew a little bit every day. But about every three days you can see that there was a significant change from three days before then. The rats also grew rapidly, a lot faster a human does because their hormones are much quiker than ours. The length of the tail was what grew the fastest,and the body faster than the head. The babies are know quite mature, but not yet fully grown. This is the information I gathered from friends and conversations, so it may not be 100% acurrate, but pretty close. Make sure you read my other Science Solutions blogs, as well as my Science Digital Portfolio under the My Classes tab. Also make sure to give me feedback on my blogs about what you know or think about the blog. Thank you!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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