Quizlet is a website where you can create virtual flashcards for yourself or your students. It also offers to types of games that uses the flashcards and the information you have provided to test you on the curriculum. We use this website in science class to create flashcards for our vocabulary. We are supposed to use these flashcards to help us study for the science test. Do we use them? Well, from what I've heard and the evidence of 75% of the class getting vocabulary questions wrong on the science test tells us: No, we don't actually use them. 

Quizlet is a great tool to use for studying vocabulary, but it's a tool not taken advantage of by many students. i myself confess that I do not use Quizlet to study for my tests, but that's because I rather go over old papers and the textbook with the vocabulary. I don't know why, but that's just how I am. I know that other students don't actually use Quizlet because of complaints and confesses I hear from friends of mine, mostly about why we have to do these because we don't even use them. Sadly I don't have any suggestions on other types of study ways for vocabulary.

I do recommend Quizlet though. It is definitely a good site to use to study for vocabulary, if you like studying online. If not, and you're like me, then Quizlet is probably not for you.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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