In this article, it explains why there is no Santa Claus or if there was, he's dead now. It explains many factors of Santa's journey that could really prove that there is no Santa. Here are some of the key things he wrote: 1. There is no known reindeer species that can fly. 2. For the number of Christian kids there are, Santa would have to park, hop out, jump into the chimney, lay down presents, eat a cookie, drink milk, climb up the chimney, hop in, and take off in about 1/1000th of a second. 3. If Santa ate a cookie and drank an 8 oz. cup of 2% milk at each house he visited, he would gain about 225 calories per house, and a total of 20,655,000,000 calories, which is about 2950.7 tons. That's impossible. You should read the article yourself, with this link.

There are some possibilities that Santa Claus is real, though. I read another article with a counter argument against this article. It does have some information that can bring down the chances of Santa not being real. Some things said in this article were: That there is a possibility that flying reindeer could be found, since there are about 30,000 species of animals yet to be discovered. There are some physics on how he go at the speed of light. Nobody knows Santa's metabolism rate, and there is some information that brings down the percentages of house he has to deliver two. Another fact I read was that some Christmases are celebrated December 25th, and some on January 6th, bringing down the number of houses flown to, the number of cookies eaten, and the speed. Read these responses yourself in this article.

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