Animals have competition to live, eat, and drink. Why is there competition amongst animals? Because of overpopulation and limited resources. These play a role in natural competition for various reasons. Overpopulation has many reasons. When there is an overpopulation, there are too little resources for everybody to live off of. An overpopulated species in one area get aggressive and fight for food, water, and to survive to not be food. Overpopulation in one area also makes it crowded, making animals, or people, very angry and unhappy. Overpopulation also, like I mentioned earlier, makes the population have limited resources.

Limited resources also play a role in natural competition. Limited resources make animals fight for food and water. If there was an abundant amount of resources, then animals would not be so aggressive towards each other. But with only a small amount of food and water, any type of species would get angry and fight for survival. Even humans would fight for food and water to make sure that they live. All this competition amongst animals is called natural competition. This is how overpopulation and limited resources 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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