Last semester there were some pretty tough units in science class.One of the easy ones was DNA. But today I'm going to blog about what was truly the hardest unit for me and how I finally learned the curriculum. The hardest unit for my brain to wrap around was probably the unit on cell division. Some of you are saying right now, Oh, that was such an easy unit! And some of you might be saying, Yeah, I know why you feel that way. The content of that unit just confused me, especially mitosis. It was very hard for me to finally remember what order the phases are in and what happens in those phases. It took a while, but I finally got it.

It wasn't easy, but after doing some pretty simple activities like these, I finally understood it. The first thing I did was I wrote a blog post on mitosis. It really helped me remember the phases by writing a blog post about it. Another thing I did to help me understand and memorize mitosis was a worksheet Ms. Poole gave us. It had boxes on it, with little descriptions of what the phase of mitosis is supposed to be put in there. Then you cut out the little stages of mitosis, and glue them in the boxes they go into. The last one wasn't fun, but it helped. It was to take out the big book of er, and study the diagrams and paragraphs in it. After all this I finally understood how  the process of mitosis works.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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