Cell are the basic unit of your body. Inside cells are these little things called organelles. They are the tiny little parts of a cell. Today I'm discussing about only three of them. The first one is going to be the nucleus. It is the jelly like substance that is surrounding the nucleuos, which is the brain of the cell. It itself is sort of the brain. it regulates, or tells the other cell parts what to do, all of the activities that go on inside the cell. The second thing we are going to discuss is the chromosomes, or DNA. It is placed inside of the nucleus. Its job is to help the nucleus know what to do, because the DNA holds all of the traits of that cell and person. The last thing we are going to discuss about is the cell membrane. It is pretty much the barrier between the cell and its surroundings. It's very flexible and thin. It controls what gets to be put out of the cell, and what gets put in. 

Cell organelles cand be very difficult to learn and remember because of there hard names or hard explinations to them. Do you have any tricks to remember them? Please comment on this post of what you know about cell organelles. Also check out my other Science Solutions Blogs and check out my Science Digital Portfolio under the My Classes tab. Thank you!

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