Today in Algebra class, our tacher, Mr. Erickson, taught us how to do reverse operations. So if you have x-3+7-8=6 you would first add 8 and 6, then subtract 7 from 14 and add 3 to 21. You would then have x =24. Mr. Erickson showed us how to do this in a fun way though. He rolled out a huge strip of laminated paper with palm trees in different squares, nd it went from -25 to 18. It was a giant number line. He sked a student to come up and be the example for the class. He put a problem on the board and the hole class did it together and the student walked to all of the numbers, one by one. Then he gave each table a mini number line like his, and gave us little pieces of plastic and gave us little cards with problems on them. Then he said to brake up into two groups and see which team could answer the most questions. The team who answers the most questions gets to have candy. I'm really glad I have Mr. Erickson, because he seems to be the more fun Algebra teacher. 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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