Today in algebra class we learned about the distributive property. When a problem like 3( 2+ 3+5) came up it was pretty easy. Just add all the numbers in parentheses and multiply them. Then a problem like 3( 2p+ 3x+ 5) came up I thought, also easy. Then when 3( 2p+ 3x+ 5) + (2p+ 6) came up I thought, when is something challenging going to come up? Then 3( 2p+ 3x+ 5) + 2( 3p+ 7x+ 2) came up. I thought you just combine like terms then multiply all the numbers. Wrong. I was confused after the teacher said it was wrong, but when he explained it to the class, everything was clear. First you use the distributive property and multiply  all three numbers inside the parentheses by the one on the outside of the parenthese on the left. Then you add up all the numbers by combining like terms. The answer to this problem is 12p+ 23x+ 19.  

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    Author: Vahae O.

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