In Algebra this week, we learned how to read and interpert word problems. Everybody hates them, but there are a few simple tricks to figure them out. Here is the problem we are going to work on: There are 100 toys in Wal-Mart. there are twice as many robots as soldiers, and 25 more wrestlers than soldiers. How many robots are there? Now, it might be easy, but let's do the correct steps in order to get the answer. First you underline or highlight the important stuff, such as: 100, twice as many robots than soldiers, 25 more wrestlers than soldiers. Then you write the equation. This equation would like (x)+(2x)+(x+25) = 100. Make sure you state what the variable, x in this case, equals. So it would look like, Let x be the number of soldiers. Why is it soldiers? Because they gave us information on the other toys based off of the number of soldiers. Now you put the like terms together, so put the x's together and the regular numbers together. So now the problem looks like this: (x+x+2x)+(25) = 100. Now you combine like terms, so it will be (4x)+(25) = 100. Now you work backwards. You would subtract 25 so you get 4x by itself, but you need to make sure you subtract 25 from 100, too. Now it looks like 4x = 75. Now you divide 4 from 4 to get x by itself. Then you divide 75 by 4 and get 18.75. Now that you know that there are 18.75 soldires, you multiply it by two, because the number of robots equals soldiers*2. And now you know that there are 37.5 robots.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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