I know, I was pretty confused at first too. When our computer teacher's website ( See it for yourself in My Classes) said that the blog post will be about how you really multiply instead of divide, and how there is no such thing as division, I was very confused. Then I thought about it, and this is what I came up with. If you have the problem, 2x=16, do you actually, in your mind, divide both sides by 2? I don't. I would actually multiply 2 by a number I think or know it will get me close to 16. Then I would count how many 2's I'm away from 16, and add them to the number for the variable x. The answer in this case is 8. Another Example: 4x+2=14. First you would subtract 2 from both sides. So you would then have 4x=12. Then you would divide 4 on both sides, or will you? Again, I would multiply 4 by, and this is only for the sake of you understanding theis, 2. I would get 8. Then I would add 4 to eight to see how much closer I am. Since I'm already at 12, I would take the 2 I multiplied 4 with, and add 1 to it, because of the one group of 4 I added earlier. So your answer would be x=3. Now, this whole process would have been done in about 3 seconds, and I'm sure it would have been for you too, but that is how you break it all down, and think about how division doesn't really exist. Make sure to check out my other math blogs to get some help with math. And make sure to comment, too!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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