Square roots are like exponents. They are the opposite. So if  you said the square root of 25, it would be five. You just think what*itself=25? Simple. But there is also yet another question to be asked, Square roots? How does that even go with the name??? And what else could you call it?? Well, first let's start with the answer to the second question ( Not including: Square roots? ). You could call it the reciprocal of exponents. I can't really think of anything else you could call it. Square roots are called square roots because it is the exact reciprical of squaring a number. Remember not to get squaring, and square roots mixede up, or else you are going to be doing a lot of useless work. 

If you know what else you could call a square root, or you have any strong opinions on this post, make sure to comment. Also make sure to check out my other to Math Mondays blogs, and my Algebra Digital Portfolio. Thank you! 

12/17/2012 4:07pm

I think your blog was very descriptive and understandable,but I don't think that the last paragraph was really needed.


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