Last semester I learned many things in my Algebra class, for example how to find x in a problem like y= 5x+2. But the thing I learned that I want to blog about today is how to find where two lines meet on a graph. To do this, you must have two equations in y=mx+b form ( If not, simplify until it is.). Then you graph the two lines. This is how to graph those equations, if you don't know. If the equation is  y=1/2x+3, you would start at positive 3, and go up one, and over two. You keep making points until you can draw a line. Do this for both equations you have. Once you are done, you should have on point where both lines intersect. 

If a line intersects inbetween two dots, therefore it is not going to be an even coordinate. To find the exact location, you have to 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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