You own a restaurant. I know you that most of you really don't, but just bear with me. To start you're business you, have to buy the correct amount of food for the restaurant. How much do you buy? Would you use a ratio or a percentage?

Answer #1. I would use a percentage because you know what percentage of that food you use for each plate. So if you use 2% of the whole each time you serve that dish, and the whole is 100 lbs. of meat, then you know that you are using 2 lbs. of meat for each dish. That is how I would calculate it.

Answer #2. I would us a ratio when ordering for items with more than one ingredient, such as a pancake. If I need 3 cups of milk, and 2 cups of flour to make one plate of pancakes, the ratio for milk to flour would be 3:2. So if I wanted to order ingredients for pancakes that would allow me to serve 10 plates, I would multiply each part of the ratio by 10, which is 30:20. This shows that I need 30 cups of milk and 20 cups of flour to be able to make 10 plates of pancakes


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