So, if you are not in the fourth grade yet, you may wonder what negative numbers are. Well, what are they? Negative numbers are numbers that come before zero. The way you would get a negative number is by subtracting from a number larger than the number. You may get it by multiplying a positive number by a negative number. You may also get it by dividing a positive number by a negative number. There are many ways you can get a negative number. But, negative numbers don't just apply to math, but to real life, too.

These are ways negative numbers could be applied to real life. Let's say you have a friend next to you, and you need some money for that delicious ice cream right there. What happens? Of course, you ask the friend for some money, and ( if he's a nice friend) he gives you the 2 dollars. You buy the ice cream, and !BAM! There was just an instance of negative numbers in real life. You now OWE your friend, meaning you now have -2 dollars, because the next time you get an allowance or earn some money, you need to first pay your friend, meaning you do not get the full amount because you borrowed that money. Another instance:  If you live somewhere cold like Alaska, I'm sure you already thought of this negative number instance in everyday life. The weather man just forecast-ed weather for north Alaska, and it's cold. Below zero cold. !BAM! There's another instance! Below zero. What does that really mean? It means a negative temperature, because it is below zero. Do you now see how common negative numbers are in our life? Hopefully you can now spot a negative number instance in your daily life, now.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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