Warning: If exponents are difficult for you, this is definitely NOT the blog post you want to be reading.
So, if you think exponents are difficult, wait until you see negative exponents. These are actually pretty diffficult for even me. So, would if you get a problem on your quiz that looks like this: 32. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. But then you look over and you see this: 3-2. You will probably think, Oh, that's easy. The answer is just going to be negative. No problem. Wrong! You actually have to do something much more complicated that I've been stressing on  and on in this blog post. Just kidding! You shouldv'e seen the looks on your face! So, does anyone know what the recipracal ( opposite) of multiplying is? Division! You divide the raised number by the whole number. So, 3-2 would be 2/3/3, or 2/(3*3) which is 0.074074074074... That's it! It's that simple. 

So, does anybody have some harder math concepts? If you do, please comment about it. Make sure to check out my Digital Portfoliop and other Math Mondays blogs, too. Thankyou!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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