Math with Mountain Dew? Yes, there is a possible way you could do math including Mountain Dew in it. Ever wonder when you're at the store, buying some delicious Moutain Dew, that, Which should I buy? A liter of Mountain Dew or a 12 pack? Which one has the most Mountain Dew, and with the better price? I think almost all of us think that from time to time, even if it is not for Mountain Dew. But for Mountain Dew specifically the answer to the question of: Does a liter or a 12 pack have the better price and the better amount of Mountain Dew? is that the 12 pack is a better price for the prices I found.

It took many steps to get to my conclusion. To get to my conclusion, I converted the 12 pack to liters to match the Mountain Dew. The amount of Mountain Dew in the 12 pack was more than a liter. I then found out that the 12 pack costs less than the liter. I then came to the conclusion that buying a 12 pack of Mountain Dew is a smarter choice than buying the liter. This is how I got to my conclusion that the 12 pack costs less thant t

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    Author: Vahae O.

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