Sometimes it helps you to find a trick, or a shortcut, to different things you constantly do. Math is one of those things, where you constantly do a problem, and sometimes it gets a little too old to start putting your fingers in the air, or to do it all on a piece of paper. Here are some of the many tricks that are used to figure out multiplication problems: The first one I would like to cover is multiplying by 9. Here is an example to fully help you understand this trick: 9*3. If you were in the first or second grade, you'd be scared of this problem. I like to take the number I'm multiplying by 9, and subtract by one. That is your tens number. Then you just have to remember what ones place number goes with what tens number. This trick always helps me out when I'm dealing with problems multiplying by 9.

Another trick I use is to when your dividing, use multiplication. I know it sounds weird, but trust me. When you have an equation like 2x+16, you divide by 2, right? Well, sometimes, no. For bigger numbers usually, I multiply the number I have, by another number to see if I can get close to the the number it is supposed to equal. Then I add more or subtract less to get right on the number that it was supposed to equal. Those are two of the many tricks used by people to faster get the answer to math problems. Make sure to check out my other math blogs, and give me some feedback. Thank you.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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