Since this is my last Math Mondays Blog for this school year, I have asked myself this question: Has blogging about math really helped me this year in math class? Or has it all just been a waste of time? I just realized the answer to that question after some really hard thinking. And the answer is........ Yes, Math Mondays Blogs have helped me with my math class and just my general math knowledge.

One way Math Mondays Blogs have helped me this year is: Since I'm in Algebra class, there are some things that we don't learn or go over that the Pre-Algebra kids do. And since most of our Math Mondays Blogs are topics given to us by the Pre-Algebra teachers, I don't necessarily know the answer to every single Math Mondays blog post. That's what gives me a challenge and makes me Google a question or ask my teacher and friends how to do a certain math problem. Without this challenge, Math Mondays Blogs would be very easy to complete.

Another way Math Mondays Blogs have helped me this year is: They're great review. Sometimes in Algebra class, we learn something a few months before the Pre-Algebra students do. For example: Slope-intercept form, or y=mx+b. We learned this early in the year, and the Pre-Algebra students learned it, I believe, right before Winter Break. When the teachers decided a good topic would be about y=mx+b, Pre-Algebra students had it fresh in their head, but we Algebra students needed a small review so that we could blog about this topic. This is how Math Mondays Blogs have helped me throughout this 

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    Author: Vahae O.

    These Math Mondays blogs are about various subjects and problems with math. There are also simple math tricks on different things stated.