Everybody knows a concept in math that they just don't understand. My old trouble in math was knowing if something turned into a negative or a positive after being divided or multiplied by an integer. I would always mix it up, and it wasn't explained very good in 6th grade. Then, when I came to Computech, the first thing we were reviewing in Algebra were integers. I was scared for a moment, but then our teacher taught us this cool game. You have a deck of cards, and a number line ( -20 to 20 ). You choose who are the Bad Guys, and who are the Good Guys. You also need a paper clip. You then place the paper clip on the zero, and separate the kings, queens, and jacks ( no jokers needed ). Then one team grabs a card from the face down deck with the special card. If it is black then that means "plus", and if it is red, then it's "minus". Then they grab a card from the regular deck. If it is black, then it is a positive whatever number that is on the card, and if it is red, then it is a negative whatever is on the card. Then just follow what it says. If you pull out a red king, and then a black three, you would subtract three, or go backwards three on the number line. Our teacher said that if you get a red regular card, then it is always bad for the team with the special card. For example: If you picked a red queen, and a red 8, you would go forward eight. The objective is to get the placer all the way to your side. Good Guys are positive, Bad Guys are negative. Here is a link to my Algebra class's website. Watch the " Using Integers " video.

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