Ever wonder why fractions get smaller when the denominator becomes bigger? Well, I've got something for you to think about when your having trouble with fractions. When someone starts talking about fractions, I think of them like a piece of pie or pizza. The denominator is how many slices there are. The numerator is how many slices are left. If there are four slices of pizza, then each slice is pretty big. If you only had one slice of the four, then you still have a pretty big part of the pizza. But if you have eight slices in all, and you only have one slice, then you don't have that big of slice. Now, you might be thinking, what does it men when you have seven out of seven slices of pizza? It just means that you have all seven slices that the pizza had originally. So the less amount of peices there are all together,or the denominator, the bigger the numerator is going to equal. But if there is a large amount of peices all together, then the the individual peices are going to equal less.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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