Do you ever wonder how there is millions of numbers between the numbers zero through... just one? I was confused to until we learned about fractions and decimals in third grade. If you've read my Fractions Made Easy blog, then you already know how to deal with fractions. Well, take that same idea of the pie and the pizza, and forget about the fraction stuff for now.  Now think of it this way, if you have eight slices of pizza, and you only took one, and you wantd to have even a smaller piece of pizza, what would you do ? Cut it in half. But if you wanted an even smaller piece you would cut ecen more. Now, you would need a very thin pizza cutter, and a very durable piece of pizza, but you would just be able to keep cutting it smaller and smaller. Now that is just one way to think of it.

You now those really long decimals, like pi for example? Well pie equals 3.1415... and it goes on for such a long time. It actually doesn't even end. That should just show you that there could be trillions of numbers after the decimal. If you had zero pieces of pizza and you just wanted a teeny tiny piece, then you would have 0.000000001 pieces of pizza. It could just keep going on and on and on. Just do some crazy math problems with decimals on a calculator and you will see that it could just keep going on. Even though it stops, you should know that there are usually more numbers because the calculator can't show you all of them. So there is a new way to think about decimals, and if you haven't checked out my Fractions Made Easy blog, I recommend you do so, to better help your understanding of fractions and decimals.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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