In our last blog we covered how to convert a fraction into a decimal. Know we will be discussing how to convert a decimal to a fraction. Let's say you have you have to convert .5 to a fraction on that big math test. First of all, this problem is a piece of cake. I already memorized what the answer to this problem is, but if you're having a bad day and you totally forgot to study, this is how you find the answer. You take .5 and automatically drop the decimal. Then you just put the 5 as a numerator, and 10 as the denominator. Know you have 5/10. But you're not done.You usually have to simplify to get full credit, so you would divide both top and bottom by 5, so you get 1/2.

Here's the second way. Let's say you have .68, and you have to convert it to a fraction. You can't put 68 over 10, because when you simplify you'll end up with 6.8 as your answer. So you have to put 68 over 100. You then end up with 68/100. But remember, you have to simplify. Divide both sides by 2, and you get 34/50. Now we're done. Just kidding! We could still simplify, so let's divide this by 2 one more time. Now you have 17/25. That's it, you're done! You are now a decimal to fraction master!!!


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    Author: Vahae O.

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