At first, I dindn't really care about the upcoming elections. I didn't really think it mattered much of who is president. Then one day I asked my mother what her opinion is on the upcoming elections. she said she wanted Barack Obama to be president again. I asked her, how come? Everybody says Obama is no good and that he shouldn't be president. Then she told me that he was president at the worst time you can be president. She also said that how was he supposed to make the this country any better in 4 years? He's not a magician or anything. I thought about this, and then I relized that she was right. How could you put so much pressure on one man, and even though he wasn't able to make things much better in 4 years, you still say he's no good and he shouldn't have a second chnce. If you really think about it, Barack Obama should be president one more time.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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