I am on the Computech football team. We practice after school everyday, doing our drills, running sprints, and doing as best as we can. We've already played two pre-season games against Tioga and Terronez. We beat Tioga by two touchdowns I believe, but after the game their coach told our coach that they were just playing there 2nd team offense and defense, and that there real players were just watching the game. Then we got beat by Terronez by one touchdown. We've had a pretty good weak of practice this weak, compared to our other practices, and I think we will be able to beat our opponents, whoever they are. I mean we are Computech Tigers, right? We can beat anybody, if we put our minds to it and do the best we can. So wish me good luck, because I've got a football game to play.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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