For the past two weeks now, I have been going to the mat room after school for my wrestling practice. I do believe that I am ready for my match. I'm not yet in varsity, but I know I can win. Well, when the match came up the other day, I got a little nervous. What if I don't win? I waited for all of the varsity matches, one by one, another tiger destroying yet another eagle. Finally, all of the varsity matches were over with, and I waiting for the moment Coach Mar, my wrestling coach, told me I had a match. Juat then, he told me to get ready for my match after the next two. My heart started beating faster and faster. I was a little nervous, by I still stretched out and I was thinking of what to use on my oppoonent. I watched my family in the bleachers, watching me as I got ready to rumble. I watched the last eagle get pinned before my turn, and I was about ready to step on the mat, when Coach Mar approached me. "Vahae you..." To be continued!
11/9/2012 06:25:03 am

I like your writing style it is really interesting.

11/16/2012 06:26:20 am

Nice I like the topic choice.


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