I think that Prezi is one of the greatest presentation programs ever. It definitely gets your point across to the audience. The way I found Prezi was when our computers teacher, Mr. Kimbley, assigned a project to present something with whatever presenting program you would like. He gave us some programs that he would like us to rather use than others. These programs were Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Slide Rocket, and Prezi. He said that PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Slide Rocket were all very similar, but Prezi is totally different. I decided to try out Prezi. It turned out to be a wonderful way to present any topic. It's very exciting to see one, and it's not very boring like familiar PowerPoint of Slides. I will definitely consider Prezi as a very good option the net time I'm assigned to present something. 

If you don't already have a Prezi account, you should get one. And with your choice, there is a free type of account that is pretty much just as good as the paid ones. The other two accounts you must pay for, but apparently you get so many more options and tools to use to create and share your Prezi. Go to my Digital Portfolio under the "My Classes" tab and "Computers". There you will see my "How To Conjugate Spanish Verbs Project". My Prezi is one part of the project, and you can watch at your own time.

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