Yesterday, Thursday, was Open House! When my family and I arrived here at Computech, we visited the Computers Lab first. Since I don't have many printed projects for my Computers class, we just looked at what I could look forward to in 8th, by looking at the different projects Mr. Vinson ( One of the two eighth grade teachers for computers) had assigned his students. We then went to my Art class to see the different master pieces (Wink, wink) I had created. My family was impressed about my work, especially my little brother and sister. They're really excited to see the things I do at school, since they are still in elementary school. We then headed to my Algebra classroom. My family and I watched a short presentation of all of the different Prop Projects that I and other students created. We then went to my Spanish class, but after seeing that about 5 pairs of parents and their kids were standing in a line to talk to Mr. Aberle, we just headed towards my Core class. Once there, I showed my family my Renaissance Project. They liked it and recall seeing me work on it at home. I then introduced Mrs. Baird, and my family were most impressed with the comments she had about me. We then went to my Rocketry Class, even though I had that class last semester. After Rocketry Class, we visited my Spanish class, and we talked to Mr. Aberle. Mr. Aberle said very good things about me. After that we had to go home because it was 8 p.m. It was probably my favorite and best Open House yet

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