Both of these spreadsheet programs are very good, but one definitely stands out. That one is Microsoft Excel. It is great to work with, and very easy. It has a large variety of options to use to make your spreadsheet great. Don't get me wrong, Google Spreadsheet is great ,too. It's quite simple, and not too bad to work with. It's also super simple to share documents, rather than e-mailing or printing it. But it just does not do what Microsoft Excel does. Excel has things like sparklines, and a huge amount of options for your cells. Google Spreadsheet just does not have those wonderful options.

In class we created a gradebook with formulas and our grades on Google Spreadsheet. After that, we uploaded it as a Microsoft Excel so we could easily enter in a chart and a sparkline for each period. We all know it is a lot easier to create charts on Microsoft Excel rather than on Google Spreadsheet. Spreadsheet also doesn't have sparklines. I definitely recommend Microsoft Excel rather than Google Spreadsheet. 

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    Author: Vahae O.

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