This is probably the hardest algebra lesson I've had yet. It's about how graphs and fractions relate. If you have a fraction, 2/3 let's say, and you want to graph it on a graph, how would you do that. At first I though, Well, you just put a dot about .6666 of one, and that's your answer. Wrong. You actually do something like this: You would, for this fraction at least, go right 3, and up 2. The denominator tells you how much you go right, the numerator tells you how much to go up 2. I was a little confused at first too, but I got used to it once I did some practice with it. The whole concept is weird, but it is what it is. So what would you call the line that goes right 2, up 1? It's the half line. What do you call the line that you go up 1, and right 1? If you gest whole or 1 line, you are correct. Do you know anything about graphing fractions? Post a comment on this post and tell me what you know. Make sure to check out my other Free Write Fridays or Math Mondays Blogs and comment on those too, please. Thank you!

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