In Computers class, we are taking a course on Excel from a website called GCF ( Goodwill Community Foundation ). It is a website that has many tutorials that you can read or watch ( videos ) on various subjects. Just a few examples are: Any Microsoft Office program, Facebook, Google, Apple, Internet Basics, Job Development, Mobile apps, Money, ect... and it's all free! I do like their tutorials and how you could watch a video on how to do whatever they're teaching you, or you could follow the slides that they have created for you to follow. You could also interact with slides with several methods they use to visually show you everything in that lesson. I think it's a great website.

I do recommend this website for people who want to learn something new or want to learn more about something. This is definitely the website that offers both. I do not recommend this site for people who can't learn from watching videos or slides on the computer. Here is the link.

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