Computers Class has probably been one of my favorite and most effective classes. But the questions that I am asking myself are: Has the class helped me in other classes at all? Will this stuff even matter in the future. The short answers to these questions are obviously "Yes" and "Yes".

The Computers class has really helped me in other classes. Since Computech is a very technology based school, a lot of our assignments have to be done on computers and with different types of programs on computers. Without Computers class, it would be very hard to complete these assignments just because of the lack of computer skills, and these computer skills are definitely taught superbly to us in Computers class.

In modern times, if you do not have the proper computer skills, it would be very difficult to go through college and also very difficult to have a good job or career. If you do have these computer skills, everything seems to be a lot easier. I want to say thank you Mr. Kimbley, for teaching me these computer skills, which will probably have a large impact in my career. Thank you, and we'll miss you ( Mr. Kimbley has accepted a job offer teaching teach

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    Author: Vahae O.

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