Yesterday I attended a meeting in Mr. West's classroom, and it was about the Computech Robotics team. I have never done anything associating robotics with it, so this will be very new for me. We were shown when practice will be held. We also got to see last year's Tournament of Technology, which is the competition we go to after we have created robots for the different tasks.

     There are several tasks. The first one is Battle Bots, which is a competition to either pop the balloon tied to the back of your opponents vehicle, or to push there vehicle out of the ring. The next one is a race where you must control your robot to pick up a block of another and place on the block that has the same color as it. Those two are both new, and the only remote controlled tasks. The next is to program your robot to drive through a maze and push a ball at the end past a colored line. There is another one that is the same as the previous one I talked about, but you have to push the ball past the line that has the same color as it. The next task is to program your robot to follow a black line, push a block a distance, then shoot a little rocket at a target. I can't wait to start!
1/18/2013 06:22:09 am

I really like this blog post, have fun with the Robotics team!


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