Even though I was only about one when 9/11 happened, I still know a big deal of information about it. I know that on 9/11 2001, a band of terrorists called Alkida took over a number of airplanes and were going to ram the planes into different important American symbols such as the White House, the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers. The two planes targeting the Twin Towers succeeded and took the towers down. The other planes were stopped by passengers and forced to the ground. About 2,900 people died that day, and many were injured. I also recently learned that the president had gotten a message from Osama-Bin Ladin before the attacks saying that there would be an attack soon. There were some extra security procausions, but it wasn't enough. 9/11 was an attack that had the most casualties in American History. I am grateful that something so devastating like that hsn't happened again.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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