Recently, 7th grade Computech students when to the zoo, because of a project we have been working on for 2 months. There were all of these different stations at the zoo, and we had to do different assignments for them. There was the elephant station, the beak station, the tiger station, and so on. But my all time favorite station would have to be the one and only beak station.

The station was set up with a pile of raisons, a pile of rubber bands, a pile of toothpicks, and a pile of paper clips. There were three cups by each pile; one with two popsicle sticks, one with tweezers, and another tweezer like object. Each person grabbed a cup, took out their tool, and when the timer started, tried to pick up as many objects they can, but only from their pile. We then looked at which tool, or "beak", that worked the best to get the most items, or food. The tweezer like object was the best tool, the tweezers next, and the popsicle sticks last. I like this station because it showed us what kind of beaks are the best for catching prey, and it was fun interacting with the project, rather than do a math problem and move on. I hope that this is not one of the stations that is left out next year, and I hope many other students will have a great time 

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