There are many things I'm thankful for. I can give you a whole list: My family, my house, my room, my pets, my video games, my cars, my school, my phone, my life, etc... But today I'm only going to talk about three of the many  things I'm thankful for: My family, my school, and my video games. My family is the best. My siblings are nice to me, my parents push me and help me to do better in school and life. And the rest of my family is loving and caring to me, never putting me down, and always helping me. I  wouldn't trade any member of my family for anything in the world. I also love my school, Computech. It's the best middle school on the planent. In so many ways, movies, stories, and rumors are just to name a few, make middle school seem so miserable and hard. I'm sure that there are middle schools that are like that, but Computech is definitely not one of those schools. I can't think of a better school. And my video games are awesome! I love almost all of the video games I have, but you I have to remember who got me those video games

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    Author: Vahae O.

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