In West Africa, they didn't have a written alphabet to record history until they started speaking and writing in the Arabic language. So how do we know so much, probably not accurate, information? West African griots. Now, there's probably yet another question that just came to your mind. What are griots? Well, griots are West African story tellers. They tell stories that are not just entertaining, but also teach their history. Many of our facts and ideas about west African empires are from griots. No one is ever really sure if these events actually took place, but they are all considered ideas. When a griot wants to tell a story, it is usually a special occasion where all of the village people wear their best clothing, and gather up in a tight circle to watch the griot and its helpers. Remember that this is about the only information we know about early West Africa. Some of these stories are legends, and you can tell that by easily listening to the story. Here is an example: Legend: The great leader Sudiata led Ghana to its power with his magic and sorcery. Possibility of being true: The women of that village created the best clothing, you will ever feel. 

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