" Yaaaaawwwwnn" is all I heard coming out of my mouth early in the morning. My brain knew I had to go harvest rice for the village with my friends, but my body was thinking that I could just stay on this rice mat forever. Sadly, I had to get up. I took some water from one of the clay pots, and used it to wash my face to wake up a little. After that I ate some rice and drank tea. I left my house to go to the farming shed, where all of the farming tools are. I grabbed what I needed, and walked to the rice fields. Once there I was greeted by my good friend, Jackie Chang. " Ready to harvest all of this rice?", he asked. " Yes", I replied.

 After about three hours of hard labor, I found myself in a part of the field that was I heard something like thunder. I knew it couldn't have been. They sky was perfectly clear. Then a shiver ran down my spine. Is it those nasty Mongols? I thought. It couldn't be! They had just destroyed a village yesterday nearly across half the kingdom! I'm scared out of my wits! I see them, yelling, and screaming, on their horses, swords held high. I dropped everything and ran towards everyone else. " The Mongols are coming! The Mongols are coming!" I yell. "Yeah right" was my friends response. At the current time, I didn't care about what he thinks. I just ran for my life, for the safest place I know, in my secret emergency shelter under my floor. When I reach half way to the village, I looked back for my friends, but there was just the sound of screaming.

I yelled to the village '' The Mongols are coming! The Mongols are coming!". They took it seriously. People were hiding in shelters, gathering food, babies, everything and anything they can grab. I kept running towards my house for the shelter. I finally reached my house. I unlocked the door, and dashed in, moved my water jugs, o0pened the secret shelter latch, and climbed in, then replaced the jugs back on to0p. I felt happy that I was finally at the shelter, but not very happy that I had to use it. I constantly kept a torch lit in there, so there was enough light to not trip over the water jugs and dried food. About 5 minutes passed before I could hear crashing and banging outside the latch. I meditated, trying to keep calm. I started to hear screaming. Those filthy Mongols must be killing all of those they found unprotected and those found an underground shelter with village people in it. I knew they found a shelter because it was too many screams to have been a few people who didn't make it to the shelters in time. 

I was scared out my mind. 20 minutes past with horrendous screaming, and then I knew they were at my house. I knew this because I smelled smoke. Fire! They were burning the house! I knew it wouldn't reach to my shelter, but I was so sad that all of my ancestors works and money, was all gone. I thought I heard the Mongols leave not very long later. But to be absolutely sure, I stayed in my shelter for about an extra day. I opened the latch. Something heavy was blocking the latch to open. I pushed and pushed, until it finally budged. I climbed out, seeing that a big pieceof wood was blocking my door. I saw a disturbing sight. The village was destroyed. Nothing was left, but remains of houses and still bodies. I knew everyone was gone forever. I didn't know what to do, but just sob. I decided to move away from my old village, to one not far from there. It was out of the Mongols way, but there are some chances that it too was destroyed. I'm going to hope for the best, and start on my journey towards the village.

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