We learned many things about the Middle Ages for the past month, but there is one Middle Ages topic that is my favorite...... It's the Vikings! Even though I don't like the football team, I did like everything about the Vikings. The Vikings were a very interesting people. It was fun and cool to learn about how they came about, where they went, who they raided, and what eventually happened to them. Let's explore the information about the Vikings.

Vikings originally came from Scandanavia. They were groups of people who wanted better land than they were living in, which was cold and dry. So, the Vikings attacked the coast of Britain, Ireland, and all western parts of Europe. Many Europeans feared Vikings because of stories of their brutal killings. They also looted many towns and monasteries for their gold and silver. Many people were killed by these attacks, but some were taken as prisoners, and sold as slaves. Unfortunately, for the Viking's part, they were only able to attack coastal areas, because that was where their boats could reach. After the Vikings started to settle, most of them became Christian. Do you now see why I thought they were very interesting? I hope you grew an interest in Vikings, too!

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    Author: Vahae O.

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