As we all know, and if you don't know pay attention, there are four regions of Africa. There is the sahel, a dry grasslands area with few animals, that borders the desert and rain forest, there is the desert, or the Sahara Desert, which has very little life in it and is the largest desert in the world, the rain forest, a very green area with many animals an plants, and the savanna, an area with trees scattered around, and is common to have animals. We also all know that it is very difficult to live in all of these areas, the desert with the heat and no water, the sahel that is very hot and also dry, the savanna with heat and all those animals, and the rain forest, with the humidity and mean gorrillas. But which one is the hardest to live in? Well, I think that the hardest region in Africa to live in is the desert.

There is about no water or food in the desert. And with the crazy heat and sand, it almost couldn't get worse. But, it does. There is also the chance of natural disaster, or a sandstorm, to occur. There is also the very big chance if robbers, and very violent people attack you. The other regions are dangerous and unsafe in their own ways too, but listing them all together, the desert has far more dangers than any other region. If I was an African who lived in the sahel, I would be very thankful, because I would definitely not want to live in the desert, where the temperature has reached up to 136 degrees F. Have I made my point? Tell me, by typing in some comments ndowm below. Thenk you.

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    Author: Vahae O.

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