There were many funny and awesome times here at Computech, but my all time favorite would probably have to be the time we did the Harlem Shake as a school. The reason why we had done the Harlem Shake was because we were having a spirit rally, and one of the things we had to do was to "Do the Harlem Shake!". It was very unexpected on my part and it was just hilarious watching all of the other students dancing and going crazy. I would have never thought that "The Harlem Shake" was going to be danced that day. Like I said, it was really fun. Some people had just stayed off to the sides, not wanting to dance and rather record the whole thing.

Another awesome moment was when I had played a football game against (I'm not even sure anymore) Wawona. We beat them, and it was probably the game I played in most. I was playing as a line men and I was able to push back those players and show the coaches who I really am. They were actually quite impressed, and insulted some of the 8th graders who I had 

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